4:00 pm16:00

Sunday, April 12: Comida Puebla

Our astoundingly talented Chef de Cuisine, Bertin Lopez, has done much more than sling French hash in his career. Bertin has been a sushi chef in Mexico City, the mastermind behind the legendary (and sadly gone) brunches at University City's Rx restaurant, and is a native of Puebla, the city widely recognized as the culinary soul of Mexico. Enjoy an evening of authentic Comida Puebla, including chicken mole, etc etc etc.

$35 for three courses

5:00 pm17:00

Pop Up Sunday: Chef Lopez' Mexi-Madness

Our Sous Chef extrodinaire Bertin Lopez has much more than French cuisine up his chef coat sleeves. He has served many years as a sushi chef in Mexico City, was formerly Philadelphia's finest brunch chef at University City's legendary Rx restaurant, and as a son of Mexico's ciudad Puebla, he can swing some serious traditional Mexican as well. Join us as Bertin takes the reigns of the Bistro 7 kitchen for a pop-up night of Mexican Madness on Sunday, February 23rd. Bring tequila to spike our available Margarita mixes. 3 courses, $25, muy delicioso. Seating starts at 5:00, Reservations are highly recommended. 

12:30 am00:30

Pop Up Sunday: Swing Southern

Spring always makes me want to cook Southern, and I don't know why. Who cares why? Grits and Greens. Rice and Gravy. Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  Slap Yo Mama Meatloaf. Its all here, for $28. Call now.