Tuesday Night Cooking Class: Le Poissin

We will meet at Olde City Coffe for our morning jolt, then proceed to South Philadelphia  for tour of the state of the art facilities of best seafood source on the east coast, Samuels and Son Seafood. Our guided tour will include an overview of the global seafood market, tips on buying fresh seafood, and will culminate with the purchase of the best of the season fin fish, shellfish, and whatever else looks good. We will return to Bistro 7 to learn how to properly butcher, scale, shuck and portion our booty, discuss the various qualities of the fish to learn how to intuitively approach cooking the fish, and then cook and eat said fish. We will finish with a seafood feast, wine and beer accompaniment included. $125

(class size restricted to 8 people, please contact restaurant to sign up).

Tuesday Night Cooking Class: French Approach to Thanksgiving

Make this the absolute best (and easiest) Thanksgiving Dinner ever! Sure, Thanksgiving is as American as it gets. But a French approach to the traditional Thanksgiving Table can't hurt. We will tackle turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and all the other 'must have' Thanksgiving dishes from the French perspective, and give out detailed timelines and plans on managing the biggest meal of the year. We will also share information regarding the best local sources for all of your Thanksgiving shopping needs, providing you with the best ingredients, recipes, techniques, strategies, and wine recommendations, helping you de-stress, feel confident in your success, and making this food-focused holiiday the best it can be. 

Tuesday Night Cooking Class: Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a singular, and singularly French, ingredient. Considered by many to be hand's down the best ingredient on earth, and by others to be the product of an unacceptable cruelty, foie gras is nothing if not divisive. We will explore duck physiology, how foie gras is developed, general foie gras farming techniques (both good and bad), and the progressive farming approach championed by Hudson Valley Farm. We will follow with hand's on demonstration of the proper cleaning of a lobe of foie gras, preparing a torchon de foie gras, a pate de foie gras, and seared foie gras, followed by a mulit-course sit-down meal, sparkling wine accompaniment included $150.

(class size restricted to 8 people, please contact restaurant to sign up).