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Tuesday Night Cooking Class: Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a singular, and singularly French, ingredient. Considered by many to be hand's down the best ingredient on earth, and by others to be the product of an unacceptable cruelty, foie gras is nothing if not divisive. We will explore duck physiology, how foie gras is developed, general foie gras farming techniques (both good and bad), and the progressive farming approach championed by Hudson Valley Farm. We will follow with hand's on demonstration of the proper cleaning of a lobe of foie gras, preparing a torchon de foie gras, a pate de foie gras, and seared foie gras, followed by a mulit-course sit-down meal, sparkling wine accompaniment included $150.

(class size restricted to 8 people, please contact restaurant to sign up).