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Tuesday Night Cooking Class: Les Ouefs

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, does an egg like the French. Where do we even begin? Omelete, scramble, quiche, or custard; poached, boiled, deviled, or fried; creme brulee, creme anglaise, pot de creme, or creme glacee; bearnaisse, hollandaise, mayonaisse, sabayon, or grebiche; eggs for clarifying sauces, eggs for lightening dough, eggs for thickening sauces and soups. There simply is not enough time in a week to go over everything the French cook can do with an egg, so we will do a quick tour: perfect scramble technique, the perfect boiled egg, the perfect custard formula (savory or sweet), sweet egg sauces, savory egg sauces, and how to stuff an eggshell. Breif lecture regarding the unique structure of the egg, followed by hands on learning and a 3-course sit-down dinner, wine accompaniment provided. $100.

(class size restricted to 8 people, please contact restaurant to sign up).